Shipito Review

My Rating 5/5

After using some fairly mediocre package forwarding companies I finally tried Shipito. Obviously due to my bad experiences before I was skeptical about paying the initial $50 yearly account fee, but I decided to take the plunge based on all the other positive reviews I read about Shipito.

The signup process is simple and quick, there is no need for any additional approval or necessary to send any documents if receiving only packages. If you plan to receive regular mail you will need to send in additional documentation that is notarized and is required by USA law, however for packages (physical purchases this isn’t required.

Once you’re in your account you will see a section with your assigned address for each of Shipito’s warehouses. You will need to decide prior to shipping to which warehouse you would like your item sent to from the retailer you’re buying from. Most USA address forwarding companies only offer one address, but Shipito gives you multiple options on where to send your items.

Shipito has warehouses in:

Hawthorne, California – Cheapest shipping rates from here probably due to being very close to the Los Angeles international airport and other logistical ports/hubs and this being the Shipito Headquarters location. However your purchases will most likely be charged California’s 7.5% sales tax when you do your purchases online as recently a law was passed in the USA that online retailers/merchants must charge state sales tax even if you purchase the item outside of the state.

Tualatin, Oregon – Somewhat higher shipping rates from here but NO SALES TAX. The US state of Oregon has no sales tax so retailers can’t charge you anything. This is my favorite warehouse that I use, the shipping times may also take a bit longer probably due to being further away from the major airports/hubs for shipping.

Minden, Nevada – I haven’t tried this warehouse yet, there is still sales tax in Nevada of 6.85%. They give you lot’s more of free storage here.

Once you have decided which warehouse you want to ship your items to simply note down the address of the warehouse with the “suite” number that has been assigned to you.

Complete your online purchase with that Shipito warehouse USA address and the retailer/merchant will send your purchase to Shipito.

Once the purchase is received Shipito will send you an email, as well as take pictures of the box received for free, weigh and measure it in order to calculate the shipping cost.

You can then go into your Shipito account fill out the customs declaration information for the package, select a shipping method and pay the amount that the shipping will cost via credit card, pay pal and bank transfer.

Shipito will then send your package and you will receive a tracking number.

It is as simple as that.

Package View

How it looks in Shipito when they recieve your package. As you can see they even take pictures of the package when it arrives at their warehouse.


The ease of using Shipito is one of the prime reasons I continue to be a regular customer.

Honesty is also important, other USA address forwarding companies often I found claimed in their online system that the package I sent to them was bigger or weighed more, so this way they could collect more from me with shipping fees. In my opinion a very low and dishonest approach, they will not see my business again, with the over 200 packages Shipito has handled for me I never had such an instance.

Also the more packages you send with Shipito the greater discounts you will receive. Shipito has recently implemented a membership tier program, which lets you select benefits at each of its warehouses to save as much as 10% on the postage costs as well as additional perks like express processing so your package is first to be sent out.

Shipment Methods

The methods of shipping to choose are by far greater then other USA address forwarding companies which mostly only offer FedEx and USPS, Shipito offers all of these:

  • Airmail Priority – Very cheap and awesome shipping method, if you can wait 2 to 4 weeks to get your item then this is the way to send your item. It will be delivered to you via your country’s postal service and I have never been charged customs charges, although all my packages had declared values of less then $50. Best thing also is that there is some limited tracking with this option, once the package enters my country I can track it directly from customs to my door step. I have sent at least 70 packages with this method, received all 70 mostly within 2 weeks time, some took 3 weeks during busy holiday seasons.
  • Airmail Economy – States it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get to you, the difference to in price to use Airmail Priority is very minimal I recommend using Airmail Priority. I haven’t used this method and I’m skeptical as there is no tracking available for it. Although this is the cheapest method of them all to send packages with Shipito. Also there is a 4 LB (1.8 KG) limit for the package being sent. Note that some Shipito members via their forums are reporting that it takes as little as 10 days to get a package with Airmail Economy in the EU, so this might be a good cost effective option.
  •  USPS First Class Mail – Slighly higher cost then Airmail Priority, shipped directly from Shipito with the United States postal service. I used this method a few times, it’s a bit faster then Airmail Priority and gets limited tracking pretty much the same way as Airmail Priority. There are also pretty small size and weight limits for this method. Estimated 2-3 week delivery.
  •  USPS Priority Mail – Faster service then USPS First Class Mail but usually costs double the price of USPS First Class Mail, size limitations include a maximum of 42 inches length. Offers reliable tracking. Estimated 1-2 week delivery.
  • USPS Express Mail – Very fast (3-7 day) service of USPS, this service also costs now double usually that of USPS Priority Mail. Tracked fully, usually becomes an EMS Priority package once it’s in your home country which means it’s the highest priority service.
  • FedEx – The best method to choose when you need something fast, Shipito offers FedEx Priority and FedEx Economy service. The difference can vary highly by country for delivery times but whichever method you choose you will probably get the package in less then 5 days. There can be complicated issues with the clearing the package through customs in certain countries from what I have heard, thus it’s best to contact your local FedEx country representatives and find out the procedures. For certain countries like Canada and countries in the EU the process for the most part is automatic but may incur additional charges on delivery based on the declared customs value, other countries I strongly suggest you speak with your local FedEx representative
  • DHL – I don’t use DHL due to DHL charging huge fees on delivery for customs clearance, again this may vary for the country you are in but I was charged $40 for them to clear a package through customs for something that had a value of $25! Again this is my experience, it may be different for you, their rates appear to be a bit cheaper then FedEx but not by much.
  • TNT – I haven’t used TNT with Shipito as their rates are actually lower then FedFex and DHL and transit times are the same.  However many report this is a good option to choose
  • Local Pickup – Maybe your planning on taking a trip to the USA that’s near a Shipito warehouse? Well this is very good option, you can pick up your package at the warehouse itself and simply pay the $2.50 processing fee for your package

It’s important to note that with whatever shipping method you choose you have to be prepared that additional customs/tax/brokerage fees can be assessed upon delivery.

Many people like to blame this on the seller or Shipito but this is just how it is and this is due to laws that are in place to protect local businesses in your home country. Some countries have exceptions, for example Canada lets you import a package with no additional taxes if the value is under $60 and being sent as a gift, you will not be taxed on anything. It’s best to check with your local customs authorities as to how you will be taxed for each package.

It’s also important that the country of origin or your item is listed on the customs declaration form, certain countries have free trade agreements with one another, thus if the item was manufactured in a country that has a free trade agreement with your country then it may be completely exempt from any tax.

Shipito has a great system for filling out the customs form and declaring the value that you wish to set for each package.

The main reasons I trust Shipito:

  • I have sent over 200 packages with Shipito and I have received every single item, never damaged, never anything missing and well packaged
  • They have been named the #1 fastest growing company is the Los Angeles, California area by the Los Angeles Business Journal
  • They have responded to all my emails the same day, they are not open 24 hours but they do their best to get back to you Monday to Friday as well as have an online chat system
  • They are known around the world, including being featured on numerous television programs around the world to help people outside the US shop with US retailers.
  • Shipito will protect your package and is 100% honest. Once I sent a package with Shipito but the retailer that sent it didn’t put the suite number, which is the unique number of your mailbox with Shipito. As a result it didn’t end up in my mailbox and I got no email about the package being received. I contacted Shipito gave them the original tracking number and within an hour the package was placed in my mailbox and I was able to send it to myself. They advised they have multiple customers with the same names so this is the only way to protect packages from getting say into the wrong mailbox. Thus they are very thorough and honest, I could imagine other companies being harder to work with if such a mishap occurred.
  • Consolidation and MPS shipment savings. Shipito lets you combine multiple packages into one box as well as letting you ship multiple packages all at the same time to save even more. I have saved well over $1000 in shipping fees by using the consolidation and MPS shipment abilities.
  • Way better experience using Shipito then other providers, you can read some reviews about other providers here

Hopefully this review will help you to decide to sign up with Shipito, you can sign up with Shipito here. Let me know if you have any questions.