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I know a lot of people living in the Greater Toronto Area use CBI USA. I have used them myself.newcbilogo

I have decided to publish a full review which you can check out below:

CBI USA REVIEW – Essential Information for Canadians living in the Greater Toronto Area

Note that CBI USA is a warehouse where you must come to them to physically to pick up your items, they will not send your purchase to you in another country, they are commonly used by those living in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada where you drive over to pick up your items and I have used them in the past.

My Rating: 3.5/5

CBI USA is a warehouse based in Niagara Falls, New York. They are the USA mailbox/warehouse of choice for those living in the Greater Toronto Area across the border in Ontario, Canada. Only minutes from the border it is a convenient and easy to access option most of the time, my full review is below. You simply take the rainbow bridge at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side of the border and they are minutes away at 1711 Cudaback Ave, Niagara Falls, NY 14303


  • $5.95 storage fee per package as per CBIUSA is not time limited, but they are asking everyone to pick up their package within 90 days due to growing storage constraints
  • They will accept something as large as Tires, Skids and even Cars. Of course they charge a bit more to receive such items.
  • They have a membership option, it costs about $108 per year and you can get each package for $1.80.
  • Have received all my packages that were sent to them, never any issues, no damage or any lost items. I probably have had them handle about 15 packages for me.


  • Long waits outside of the CBI USA warehouse to get your packages on Saturdays and peak periods, they are actually only open on Saturday on the weekends not open Sunday at all.
  • They require additional paperwork to be registered, including USPS form 1583
  •  Border crossing hassles, the high amount of tourists into the Niagara area causes some regular long border crossings across the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls especially near the weekend. It is not unusual to wait 1 hour to cross into the United States and another hour to cross back into Canada.
  • Your purchases will most likely have New York State Sales tax applied on check out which is around 8% for most purchases.
  • No exemptions from Canada Customs for being in the United States less than 24 hours. Unlike getting individual packages by mail which can be valued at $60 each for being a gift into Canada, you must pay all duties and taxes even if the product is valued at $1 if you are out of Canada for less then 24 hours which you get charged for at the Canadian side of the border.

CBI USA Location

Why I prefer the online Shipito service to CBIUSA

  • Comparable prices, I can have Shipito send small packages to me for as low as $10 and if they are valued less then $60 I don’t need to pay any Customs Taxes or Duties.
  • I don’t need to plan at least half of the day to travel to CBI USA, wait in the border lines, and be searched by Customs as anyone going to USA to “pick up packages” is at most times is suspicious to both the US and Canadian immigration officials.
  • Greater convenience, the items come directly to my doorstep.
  • No Sales Tax. CBI USA is in the state of New York which most retails will charge sales tax for the item being shipped to the state of New York. If you ship your item with Shipito to their Oregon warehouse which because the state has no sales tax you will not need to pay any sales tax when checking out for your online purchase.

You can read my full Shipito review here and you can checkout their service here

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